The market needs broad-minded professionals. Frequently, when employees change the roles in their careers, the “business acumen”, also called the “helicopter perspective”, becomes especially relevant. This analogy is used to convey the fact that from the point of view of one function (being on the ground at one point), it is difficult to grasp all functions and cross-functional interdependencies of the enterprise (or the whole territory, the landscape), which is an important competence in the pursuit of a career.

For these goals to be achieved, companies often develop various programs for different levels of employees from trainees to hi-po and high-pro programs.

Cesim develops Leadership, Strategic, Innovative Mentality skills in an environment identical to real-life business. In our programs, participants make a variety of business management decisions and experience the cause-and-effect relationship without a real-life financial loss. Various Cesim programs are tailored and effectively used as separate modules in large-scale training programs. Customers value these modules for their practicality, they often serve as a bridge between theory and real life.