Business Tournaments are designed for companies that need to expand the awareness of their employees, customers and partners about business and creativity. Usually, team building includes various physical or psychological tasks (e.g., mountain climbing or other survival situations). But we stay business-focused. We create another medium for dealing with different business situations – an environment where teams compete against each other in business arena.

The company’s business tournament is a way to gain experience and compete in a business environment. The tournament is based on the market simulation methodology (simulation), which gives participants the opportunity to compete in a virtual environment while managing enterprises. The teams aim to create the greatest value for their companies and compete for the title of the most professional team.



The benefits of participating in the tournament are reflected in the slogan – the highest quality time for you and your team. In the tournament, participants become the leaders of a new virtual company. Top-level solutions and risky experiments are in their hands. They analyze market development, test different strategies and gain useful practical knowledge. They struggle and can defeat competitors. This is the company’s representation, the opportunity to win, interesting communication and gaming. You will spend great time in the tournament, establish new relationships with your colleagues, clients or partners and gain valuable experience in a new environment. Great results are a proof of team competency and confirmation that you are a reliable business partner. Creativity and the search for unconventional solutions are an effective way to encourage team members to communicate and learn in a different environment.


  • Companies that seek to bring together employees of different branches, divisions and develop their business management competencies.
  • Companies that seek to promote customer loyalty. They can invite their customers and partners to participate in the Business Tournament, which can be named after the specific occasion.
  • Being as a part of the celebration of corporate festivals / events. The tournament can be combined with annual conferences, Christmas or other celebrations.